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Pinterest Marketing Domination has been in the works for a few months, I looked at the other Pinterest Marketing trainings out there and to be honest that are not good.  So, this is real world Pinterest Marketing that I am doing right now, that theories or mind maps.  So I decided also that the best way to really teach others is by Actually doing it right on video, so this trainnig will be video only and action plan after each video.  If you have techinal questions, my  support email is superedavve2002@yahoo.com, I will try and answer within 24 hours.

Pinterest Marketing Domination Training Video #1


Action Plan

  1. Create Profile with your picture
  2. Sign up for free Business account to access Analytics
  3. Create Boards and Messaging targeted to your area of chosen Niche

Pinterest Marketing Domination Training Video #2

Action Plan

  1. Post 5-10 targeted images to your boards Daily.
  2. Try to Post Images in the morning and evenings.
  3. Post more images daily if your time permits to get faster results.


Pinterest Marketing Domination Training Video #3



Action Plan

  1. Follow Up to 50k people in your interest or Niche
  2. Follow Until You are blocked and then wait 1-2 hours and start again following
  3. After 50k Limit is Reached, Unfollow up to you are blocked and then follow untill you hit a block.
  4. Remeber Each person you follow gets a email that you followed them, so be patient until they get the email or see that you followed them on their notification.
  5. Be consistent, at least twice daily do follow and unfolllow


Pinterest Marketing Domination Training Video #4



Action Plan

  1. Put Your Own Description on each pin and a call to action to click the link in your Profile
  2. Put YOUR website address or URL on all pins that you can, so people can click  thru and buy your promoted products.
  3. Use a Eye catching Icon or Emoticon at the begining of each pin description, like a lightining bolt or ! or smiley face.
  4. Take Daily action, following, unfollowing, pinning,  and you will build a huge following and get daily sales!



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