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I created this Instagram Automator Pro edition because I has so many questions from my coaching students.  Therefore, I recorded these special training videos to give even more information how to automate your Instagram accounts and get huge amounts of traffic.   I definately recommend having multible accounts so you get more traffic.   Also with more accounts you can test the niches and see which one you like the best.   Also remember that you can delete photos and change your profile at any time if you change the direction you want to go in with your affiliate promotion.  When posting a photo or video always include 30 Hash tags so you get the most eyes on your post.  I also recommend you start with at least 9-12 pictures when you start a account.   Next you can wait until you have at least 500 followers to put in a affiliate link, but you can put it in right away also.  Best time to post is in Mornings and evenings, when people check their Instagram account.  Best time to post is Wednesday between 5pm-6pm according to statistics.  

Top 20 Hashtags on Instagram:
#tbt (throwback Thursday)

 I hope you enjoy the training here and you can email me if you have any questions. 





   In summary, using Instagram Automator Pro techinques can get you hundreds and then thousands of clicks to your offers daily.   Once you get which ever way you like best to automate your Instagram accounts going there is no stopping the free traffic.   I like to use only mobile offers or offers that are mobile friendly so that there is no problem  going from whatever device the follower is on, they can go start to your chosen affiliate offer.   I wish you much success in your Instagram marketing.

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I hope you really enjoy The Instagram Automator Pro and really learn a lot from it as I'm sure you will.  My main website is Find-Careers.com, where you will find a great deal more info and alot of free marketing tips.

In the unlikely event you have any support issues you can reach us directly at info@find-careers.com



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 To Your Success, 

David Ondis